100% of what you experience is created from the inside of what you are; not “who” you are, but “what” you are. 

Also, the only thing you truly crave to experience… is some flavor of more love, compassion, and freedom.

You’re swimming in a miracle, and probably don’t even realize just how deeply connected you are with all that is and everything you desire

Come, Let’s Explore.


To connect with a constantly expanding internal wellness that sees yourself and others as a whole; while also sharing the beauty of that wellness with others.


To connect with a depth of understanding that allows you to be undisturbed by the fearful noise of the world; discovering an openness within that lets love flow


To be unhindered as you discover and connect with a heart-centered permission to fully be yourself and follow your heart’s resonance.

Who is a Heart-Centered Life Explorer?

Someone who understands the real-life superpower that comes with integrating more love, compassion, and freedom in their everyday lives.

  • Their desire is to constantly evolve or grow, which translates into feeling and sharing more love, compassion, and freedom.
  • The Life Explorer doesn’t always follow the rules, they explore the boundaries to see what’s truly possible, and then share their discovery with others.   

Does that Describe You? 👉🏽

Does that Describe You? 👇🏽


  • Heart-Centered Support
    for the heart-centered life explorer. 

Education, guidance, community, and practical tools for… uncovering and connecting with more love, more compassion, and more freedom in your personal and professional life.  




and Much More

We help you transform the way you see,
so you can transform your world.


Our focus is uncovering and seeing beyond a veil of separation that sees (imagines) yourself as distant, or separate, from what you crave.  

In this, the investigation can be quite challenging as it invites us to recognize and honor just how much we create our own reality. 100% experiential accountability.

If you prefer a life of blame (someone else creates it), this space is not for you.  However, we love you and honor the way you see.  


see if this resonates

The Art of Being Guided By Life

“What is this life, if it’s not an opportunity to discover something beautiful and then share it with the world?”

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Listen to the full 30 minute live-event audio recording, or read the quick ebook version.  Be advised though, it’s pretty direct.  Will either spark a fire of inspiration or bruise your ego.  

Who is Tiger Singleton

Tiger, is a rare breed of playful chaos and compassionate directness.  He is the founder of InLight Connect and has spent the last decade or more sharing insight and wisdom with people all over the world. 

His teachings, which he considers only to be a sharing of personal discovery, are focused on a present moment awareness of what is actual real and true, beyond the mind’s conditioning.  

No fluff, no nonsense, just a direct and sincere investigation of what is actually happening in this playfully crazy experience called “being human.”